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How to Use One-Way Exclusion Funnels to Remove Opossums?

One-way exclusion funnels or traps are considered to be the top options for removing numerous Bridgeport opossums from attic. The structures remind those of repeater cages, however, there's a sole opening on the end. Usage of this type of trap is humane and allows opossum to leave the area, but leave no opportunity for them to come back to the attic ever again. Therefore, these animals get blocked external and at no time will get back. The only likely problem is the construction of the building. If it's wooden, any opossum will gnaw its way back in the area, damaging it. Better consider catching and relocating these animals, if this is your situation. If you don't actually know which means to use, you should contact a Connecticut professional in your place to ask for guidance.

How One-way Exclusion Funnels Work
Wildlife Connecticut animals can be omitted through one-way funnels or doors. These are mainly slanted doors with twisting springs. The animals in the attic need to go outside from time to time, to get food and water. All you need to do is look for the hole they're using to get in as well as out, make certain there are no any other open holes, and place a one-way exclusion funnel on that entrance. Next time Bridgeport opossums go out, they'll be locked out and will not get back in. It is an excellent solution, because it is easier than trapping. Opossum will be in their native ground, which they recognize well.

• For ideal trapping conditions it's best to put the one-way exclusion funnel over the entry the Bridgeport opossum has made in the house and fasten all of the four wings with nails or screws, to the exterior of the house.
• As the creature exits the structure, and makes its way through the one-way exclusion funnel, a spring-loaded, instantly closing door falls behind the creature on its way out of the house, and places the opossum outside of the structure. Opossum can't come back in the house because of the distinct design of the one-way exclusion funnel.
• If there are numerous entry points, seal up everything but one hole, if possible the most popular hole. All seal-ups must be done with brace screening, the type that Connecticut opossum can't chew through.
• Don't use this device if there are spaces that opossums can use to gnaw their way back in. Just use one-way exclusion funnel on secure structures with well-defined entry and exit points.

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