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Welcome to Pest Animal Bridgeport! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Fairfield County, CT. As well as having the right tools and equipment, all of our staff members are trained to the latest industry standards, with the entire team regularly attending seminars to keep up-to-date with everything that's going on in the world of pest and wild animal removal. As a company, we have over a decade of experience, and when you combine that with a team that prides itself on humane and safe practices, as well as incredibly high levels of customer care, you know that you have a winning team that you can put your faith in. For any and all wildlife and pest control issues, give us a call today! Call us now at 203-702-1688 for your Bridgeport wildlife control needs.

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Our Service Range

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Bridgeport Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: How to Getting Rid of Connecticut Bats

Bats are considered to be a pest species because of their tendency of residing in people's houses. Due to that they have resulted in so many complaints which include the following:
-Bats swarming around the house
-Bats living in the attic
-Bad smell due to bat droppings
-Loose Bridgeport bat stuck inside the building
-Bats residing in the chimney

As a result of the above complaints, several individuals yearn to have Connecticut bat colonies eliminated from their homes and if you are among them always remembering that this is a specialty service which requires Bridgeport experts.

The most efficient ways to remove bats from your house
The only permanent and legal method to get rid of Bridgeport bats is by live exclusion and sealing the structures appropriately. Make sure to inspect the building carefully including every possible entry points so as to have a thriving bat control. Never attempt to seal bats out of only a single location; they have stamped on that building as their residence with sturdy, long-lasting pheromones what's more they even keep on searching for more ways inside for decades. In case you leave even a single gap open, they will probably locate it and get back inside.

Never underrate the obstinacy of a Connecticut bat; do not wait until the bats vacate at night that you may seal up the hole because sometimes all bats may not leave at night. Maybe you have tried all possible ways to remove Bridgeport bats in your attic but all in vain. Well below are some of the ways of getting rid of them easily:
-Prevention measures
-Lethal traps
-Use of poison

Before looking at the methods mentioned above one by one, it's very significant for you to select the most perfect and safest technique which will eliminate them completely and never return to your Connecticut property again.

Prevention via fences
There are various methods you can apply to keep bats far from your house. For example, you can use mesh or walls in the pool house as well as the chimney and is rest assured this will prevent Bridgeport bats from entering your home. Sometimes it's very vital to leave many areas open for you to have proper ventilation, but bats take advantage of this to get to your home. Well, there is a solution for this, wire mesh; when you fence your home with wire mesh, you will not only enjoy good ventilation but also keep bats away from your home. With a high fencing technique, the Connecticut bat will not draw closer to your home.

Home repairs
You do not only need to inspect your home but also the entire compound to locate some weak spots which may easily allow Connecticut bats to gain access to your home. Because of the degradation of materials in your attic, it may lead to open holes that bats can simply fit and get into your attic. It necessary to do regular home repairs which will seal all holes in the pool house, attics and the chimney as well. You will realize that this is most perfect procedure because the Bridgeport bats will never obtain access to your property.