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How to Find and Remove a Dead Skunk

Skunks are home-cat sized Bridgeport animals well known for the horrible sticking liquid that these animal release. It is a thick fluid that is made in the glands under the tail of a skunk and its primary function is to keep the predators away. It is found in various combinations of colors mostly black with white stripes but it can also be a combination of black and white dots etc. These stinking animals are also known as stink badgers. These are mostly found in America. Except the Asian stink badger. Skunks can live anywhere under a shelter. It could be an underground rodent tunnel or the basement of an empty building. Skunks change their habitat from time to time in search of food. This fact has brought them closer to the human habitats and the number of reported encounters between humans and these legendary awfully stinking Connecticut creatures have increased.

Dead or alive, these stinking badgers can become a headache if not removed from the Bridgeport property. How can you locate a skunk on your property? The answer is as simple as the question sounds. Use the gift of smell you have. You will be able to locate is through the horrible pungent smell of this creatures fluid. If the skunk is alive, you will be able to listen to the noises of the destructions that this little animal can cause to your property. If the skunk is dead, the smell factor will rise tremendously and you will have no problem locating it. Having a dead skunk on your property can be a very smelly and uncomforting experience. To remove a dead Connecticut skunk you'll need:
1. Thick rubber or leather gloves
2. Shovel
3. Garbage bag

Do not touch the dead Connecticut skunk bare handed because you never know what kind of bacteria it may have on its skin. Wear the gloves first. Then use the shovel to pick the dead skunk off your property. Handle it carefully because you do not want more smell than what is already there. Put that skunk in the garbage bag and tie it tightly to seal the smell and the Bridgeport skunk both inside. Then dispose this bag at some dumpster.

Then try to make your property a skunk odor free zone which can be a difficult task. First use wipes to clean the excess Bridgeport skunk fluid of the floor or use the shovel to dig small area of soil with excess skunk fluid and then use products like enzyme refreshers and chemicals to get rid of Connecticut skunk odor.

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