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What Are Some of the Symptoms of a Sick Skunk?

Some people have had the chance of getting the Bridgeport skunks as pets in their homes. However, it is vital to keep in check the overall health of the animal. You many harbor a skunk, which has diseases, and this leads to the spread and infection to pets and in homes. Some common ailments to look out for in Connecticut skunks include:
• Low appetite
• Does not do any form of activity
• Has bleeding gums or wounds

Once you notice any irregular behavior with your Connecticut skunk, you need to make sure that you report to the vet immediately for preventative and curative reasons.

Regular chocking
At times, you shall notice your Bridgeport skunk is having loads of difficulty when swallowing foods. At times, you shall shred very tiny pieces but it still chokes. This is very common and you shall need to seek instant medical assistance. Some Connecticut skunks have a poor digestive track, which leads them to serious cases of choking all the time. You can contain this issue by seeing a vet.

When the skunk is overweight, it shall have difficulty in eating, breathing, walking and paling. This shall lead to limitations and even obesity. When you notice that your Bridgeport skunk is overweight, you need to change the diet, and give it very healthy foods, and ensure it is very active to prevent obesity.

Wounds and bleeding
At times, the Connecticut skunks shall scratch, bite a nail or involved in a fight leaving wounds on the skin. This might look like a simple case but this is not the issue. You need to ensure that you take the skunk for treatment to address the wounds. Leaving open wounds may lead to serious diseases, and takes long to heal. You are at risk of contracting diseases when you are near a Bridgeport skunk, which has an open and bleeding wound.

Seek medical attention
When you find that you have a sick skunk, you need to consult a vet. Some people who have the permit to keep the skunks as pets need to have the first aid kid and manual for treating some of the diseases that the Bridgeport skunk has. Some cases are very serious and will need instant medical attention or it shall lead to spread of the disease, making it a menace to the society. Some common sickness symptoms of the Connecticut skunk include being overweight, excessive bleeding, and do not take part in any activities.

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