What Are Some Ways to Kill a Squirrel in the Yard?

It is unimaginable the damages Bridgeport squirrel can cause to your home, yard and other property. For that reason, you need not to enjoy their entertaining and cute look and forget about the nuisance they can rake in your home. So, what you have to do is to make sure that you make use of the most effective method to get them away from your yard. It is nice for you to know that killing squirrel is not really an effective way of removing them from your property or solving your Connecticut squirrel infestation problem as more groups will come in as you kill the ones formally there. But, if you have already decided to use killing method, these are some ideas.

Use a Lethal Trap to Kill Squirrel in the Yard
There are many types of squirrel traps you can use to get rid of Connecticut squirrel from your home. One thing about lethal trap is that it will not allow the squirrel to last more than 7 hours before it will struggle and die. Though it is not advisable to use this kind of trapping system as it is inhumane way of killing a Bridgeport squirrel, you use it if it is the only method you know will solve your problem.

Make Use of Glue Trap to Kill Squirrel in Your Yard
Just as you can kill rodent like rat and others with glue trap, same way you can kill Bridgeport squirrel too. The difference will be the kind of bait you will use to lure squirrel from the one you will use to bait rat. Since squirrel love nuts and seed, you make use of seed or nuts as bait to your glue trap. You have to keep the trap the pathway of Connecticut squirrel in order to get it trapped into your glue.

Make Use of a Reusable Spring Trap to Kill Squirrel in Your Yard
Killing squirrel with reusable spring trap is one of the most effective and easier ways. The only thing is that it is not humane as the Connecticut squirrel will die out of struggle and pains.

Make Use of Firing Projectile to Kill Squirrel in Your Yard
You must be a skilled firearm user for you to make use of this method to kill squirrel. Another thing is that even with experienced firearm user, there is limited chance of getting the Bridgeport squirrel to die ones with the bullet.

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